How long does it take to get my cash?

The time it takes to get your cash largely depends on how quickly we receive all necessary documentation and paperwork from yourself. After receiving all that we require, we aim to get the money delivered within just a few hours.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via email, telephone or written letter. Our contact details can be found in our Contact page, or alternatively you can click here.

What if I want to cancel?

Once we have bought the products, if you want to cancel your payments to us then you must have the product(s) delivered to a place of our choosing within the country you live in, at which time payment by yourself will seize after you have payed any outstanding fees owed to us.

What is Sunny Day Cash?

We are a company that aims to provide quick cash for customers who usually struggle to get money through loans or other means. A lot of our customers have poor credit or lack the assets required to enable them to get quick money. We offer an alternative to extortionate payday and doorstep loan companies. This allows our customers to get quick and reliable cash, without having to get rid of their products

When will I be able to buy back my products?

The products you sold to us during your application will become your property upon the final payment of your agreement with us. This will be stated in the terms of your contract.

What if I can’t afford a payment or miss a payment?

We will try to help our customers that are struggling to make their payments and we also aim to be as flexible as possible, however if you continue to miss payments then we may be required to have the products to us, as stated in the Terms & Conditions. If you are struggling with your payments, we recommend you seek financial advice from a debt advice company such as stepchange.org. Please remember to check the Terms & Conditions of any companies you seek help from prior to using them.


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